Did you always want to try rowing? Now you can!

Get Going…Get Rowing, is an initiative created specifically for schools by Rowing Ireland together with the Irish Sports Council, the Women in Sport programme, NUI Galway and Dublin City Council.

The project involves bringing indoor rowing to schools by means of the Ergometer. It gives pupils the opportunity to engage in a new sport, where they may not have had the opportunity to do so before. Not only that, it is promoting fitness, general well-being and positive eating habits in youngsters, particularly girls.

Rowing instills great comradery and strengthens friendships. Not only that, but the sport is such a great way to relax and unwind. It will develop your drive and focus achieving great results in the process.

With rowing you can choose to row as a team or as an individual.


Rowing is the most amazing team sport, where strength and determination meet synchronization. Many sports popular among students and in particular girls, promote individuality. When you enter the work-force, you find corporate culture revolves around a team ethos and Rowing is that ultimate team sport. From pairs to eights you rowing together for a common goal. You make friends and create bonds for life. Going alone is not an option in one of these boats, as if this happens the entire boat suffers. Learning team discipline as well as working out will serve you for rest of life.

Whether you want to use rowing to keep in shape, tone up, cross-train for another sport, compete on the water or rehabilitate from injury, rowing is the complete exercise for you.

Arms, legs, chest, back, abs – even your mind. Your whole body gets a complete workout from the efficient, rhythmic motion of rowing.

Latest updates

We are looking forward to starting in new schools in September. We still have room for one/two more schools. If you are interested, please contact us at here

We are planning lots more for the new academic term including the #BlitzIt series in Dublin, Carlow and Galway. We are thrilled to have Limerick on board starting in October with Limerick Sports partnership.

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